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PayPal Add Bank Account

The AddBankAccount API operation lets your application set up bank accounts as funding sources for PayPal accounts.

PayPal Add Payment Card

The AddPaymentCard API operation lets your application set up credit cards as funding sources for PayPal accounts.

PayPal Create Account

The CreateAccount API operation enables you to create a PayPal account on behalf of a third party.

PayPal Get User Agreement

The GetUserAgreement API operation lets you retrieve the user agreement for the customer to approve the new PayPal account.

PayPal Get Verified Status

The GetVerifiedStatus API operation lets you check if a PayPal account status is verified. A PayPal account gains verified status under a variety of circumstances, such as when an account is linked to a verified funding source. Verified status ser...

PayPal Set Funding Source Confirmed

The SetFundingSourceConfirmed API operation lets your application set up bank accounts as funding sources for PayPal accounts.

PayPal Cancel Preapproval

Use the CancelPreapproval API operation to handle the canceling of preapprovals. Preapprovals can be canceled regardless of the state they are in, such as active, expired, deactivated, and previously canceled.

PayPal Convert Currency

Use the ConvertCurrency API operation to request the current foreign exchange (FX) rate for a specific amount and currency.

PayPal Execute Payment

The ExecutePayment API operation lets you execute a payment set up with the Pay API operation with the actionType CREATE. To pay receivers identified in the Pay call, set the pay key from the PayResponse message in the ExecutePaymentRequest message.

PayPal Get Funding Plans

Use the GetFundingPlans API operation to determine the funding sources that are available for a specified payment, identified by its key, which takes into account the preferences and country of the receiver as well as the payment amount. You must ...

PayPal Get Payment Options

You use the GetPaymentOptions API operation to retrieve the payment options passed with the SetPaymentOptionsRequest.

PayPal Get Shipping Addresses

Use the GetShippingAddresses API operation to obtain the selected shipping address. You must have created the payment or preapproval key that identifies the account holder whose shipping address you want to obtain, or be the primary receiver of th...

PayPal Pay

Use the Pay API operation to transfer funds from a sender???s PayPal account to one or more receivers??? PayPal accounts. You can use the Pay API operation to make simple payments, chained payments, or parallel payments; these payments can be expl...

PayPal Payment Details

Use the PaymentDetails API operation to obtain information about a payment. You can identify the payment by your tracking ID, the PayPal transaction ID in an IPN message, or the pay key associated with the payment.

PayPal Preapproval

Use the Preapproval API operation to set up an agreement between yourself and a sender for making payments on the sender???s behalf. You set up a preapprovals for a specific maximum amount over a specific period of time and, optionally, by any of ...

PayPal Preapproval Details

Use the PreapprovalDetails API operation to obtain information about an agreement between you and a sender for making payments on the sender???s behalf.

PayPal Refund

Use the Refund API operation to refund all or part of a payment. You can specify the amount of the refund and identify the accounts to receive the refund by the payment key or tracking ID, and optionally, by transaction ID or the receivers of the ...

PayPal Set Payment Options

You use the SetPaymentOptions API operation to specify settings for a payment of the actionType CREATE. This actionType is specified in the PayRequest message.

PayPal Cancel Invoice

Use the CancelInvoice API operation to cancel an invoice.

PayPal Create And Send Invoice

Use the CreateAndSendInvoice API operation to create and send an invoice.

PayPal Create Invoice

Use the CreateInvoice API operation to create a new invoice. The call includes merchant, payer, and API caller information, in addition to invoice detail. The response to the call contains an invoice ID and URL.

PayPal Get Invoice Details

Use the GetInvoiceDetails API operation to get detailed information about an invoice.

PayPal Mark Invoice As Paid

Use the MarkInvoiceAsPaid API operation to mark an invoice as paid.

PayPal Search Invoices

Use the SearchInvoice API operation to search an invoice.

PayPal Send Invoice

Use the SendInvoice API operation to send an invoice to a payer, and notify the payer of the pending invoice.

PayPal Update Invoice

Use the UpdateInvoice API operation to update an invoice.

PayPal Cancel Permissions

Use the CancelPermissions API operation to cancel access to a set of permissions.

PayPal GetAccess Token

Use the GetAccessToken API operation to obtain an access token for a set of permissions.

PayPal Get Advanced Personal Data

Use the GetAdvancedPersonalData API operation to obtain sensitive personal data for an account holder.

PayPal Get Basic Personal Data

Use the GetBasicPersonalData API operation to obtain basic personal data for an account holder.

PayPal Get Permissions

Use the GetPermissons API operation to obtain the permissions associated with an access token.

PayPal Request Permissions

Use the RequestPermissions API operation to request permissions to execute API operations on a PayPal account holder???s behalf.

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